Buying Advice

Buying Advice

Purchasing real estate is a huge endeavour when you consider all of the moving parts within a transaction. Simply put, having guidance when investing large amounts of capital is always recommended. What that guidance looks like, should be entirely based on your needs. At Bosley, we are full service. This may include financing needs, due diligence, paperwork, negotiation and so much more. Don’t forget, with 55,000 Realtors in Toronto, where you start truly determines where you finish in the real estate world.

Consider this.

You do NOT need a Realtor to buy a house if:

  1. You are a trained negotiator
  2. You have unfettered access to the full details of all the real estate listings and sales in your desired location
  3. You are aware of current federal money laundering and foreign Buyers and Sellers regulations and, of course, you have access to the appropriate paperwork
  4. You are familiar with current neighbourhood by-laws and restrictions
  5. You know the limitations of historical homes, flood plains, setbacks, parking and all of the other legalities associated with real property law.
  6. You are fully conversant in the interpretation of status certificates
  7. You know the amenities, services and schools in multiple neighbourhoods. For a brief overview to start narrowing down your location preferences, don’t miss our neighbourhood overviews.
  8. You have access to contractors, plumbers, designers, inspectors, landscapers and architects and lawyers. Don’t forget, we are full service. To learn more about products, services, our agents and so much more, check out our blog.
  9. You are fully capable of inserting offer clauses which benefit and protect your interests without jeopardizing the actual negotiation that will yield you a purchase
  10. You have the respect of the competing agents in your chosen area
  11. You understand pricing and value in relation to other recently sold properties
  12. You understand the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank and have access to the best rates and timely approvals

Most importantly, should you decide to represent yourself, you have just given the listing agent the opportunity to double their commission rather than ‘save you money’.

Should you decide to offer through the listing agent rather than hire your own agent, you have lost the opportunity to have a professional act in your best interests only.

IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO HIRE YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVE. What are you waiting for? Hire a Bosley Representative today.

Multiple Offers Explained

A multiple offer situation occurs when there are multiple Buyers bidding on one property, but there is so much more to discover here.

Customer vs. Client

In Real Estate as it looks today, there are currently three different types of representation. Let us guide you through your options so you may be informed on the best route for you.

Choosing the Right Realtor

Choosing the right Realtor can help you overcome the stress, fears and unknowns of any real estate transaction.

My advice on selling.