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May 2014 Infographic

25 June 2014
Bosley Real Estate

In May the flowers started to bloom and buyers came out in full force causing the Toronto Real Estate Board to declare May one of the hottest months on record...

Market Update For The Week Ending June 13th

17 June 2014
Bosley Real Estate

Toronto has a fever and it's not just World Cup fever either. Sure there is a lot of cheering going on in the streets but it's not a celebration of a soccer victory. This time, people are cheering about the value of their homes.

Market Update For The Week Ending June 6th

10 June 2014
Bosley Real Estate

Have you ever had the feeling you should have zigged when you should have zagged? Have you ever wondered if your trip would have been shorter if you had taken a different route or left at a different time? Those questions, and many more, often confound our research team because lately trying to predict what the real estate market in Toronto will do is like trying to predict what direction an Ikea shopping cart will take you.

Market Update For The Week Ending May 30th

03 June 2014
Bosley Real Estate

We are fed up with vortexes, (polar, pollen or otherwise), so this week we want to describe the increase in new property listings as Toronto’s Listing Tsunami. After a series of holidays and long weekends contributed to low inventories it seems that Sellers are finally getting with the program as both freehold and condominium listings nearly doubled last week. This tsunami is just what the city needs to quench buyers’ thirsts for homes.